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California, Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, Santa Barbara, Riverside, San Bernardino
Take flying lessons over the Ocean surf of California, mountains, highways, and fields of Ventura County.  Hang out after a flight and enjoy the acrobatics, takeoffs, and landings of P-51 Mustangs, Japanese Zeros, and Bristish Spitfires after your flight.  This is the premier location for Ultralight Flying in the Los Angeles : Sacramento : Orange County : San Diego : Inland Empire : San Bernardino : Riverside : Kern County : Ventura county areas of California.
- Sky Rider Ultra lights - Where WE have it All.
Sky Rider Ultralights provides the perfect backdrop of Aviation History and Terrain Excitement at our Camarillo Airfield, located just minutes from Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, Riverside, and San Bernardino and Ventura County.  The refreshing ocean breeze, river, highway, and urban backdrop will always excite U, not bore you.  Unlike desert airfields, the Ventura County Coast provides "sky surfing", right over the tops of waves, right in the ocean spray - a totally unbelievable and alive way to escape the usual expectations of flying ultralights in rural, desert Southern California.

What SkyRider Ultralights Inc. in Southern California gives you with your Ultralight-flying experience/lessons:

- Low Cost , high quality Ultralight flying lessons

- Discovery flights with the most incredible terrain in California

- Incredible aviation history and variety while you takeoff, land, or just hang out in our hangar

- Fly over the Freeway and Traffic

- An incredible place to have a birthday party, welcome home event, special surprise, or a romantic getaway

- Cruise over the waves of the Coast

- Flight above the hills and mountains

- Ride the thermals of fallow fields

- The Ultimate experience of living, close friendships with the pilots, and of course, Ultralight Flying.

Take off and Land on a dedicated, paved California UltraLight field
Unlike most of the inland fields where you might find California Ultralight training, Camarillo airport offers a full, dedicated and paved 1400 foot ultralight runway.  No dust, no grit - just the feeling of safety and a concentrated experience for the sake of your enjoyment.  Right next to you will be WWII vintage aircraft, helicopters, and private planes in the adjacent field for that real airport and history of flight experience, no one else has.

Follow the US 101 (Los Angeles, Orange County, Kern County, Ventura) and above the traffic in your aircraft
Cruise above the freeway and congestion far below you as you slide your aircraft into the wind.  Spot the CHP and every little road hazard below, turning them into frivolous fleas.

Fly an Ultralight over the ocean, just North of Orange County
During your flying lessons in one of our two-seater ultralights, you will cruise over the 101 Highway, pass near office towers, and follow a river trail down to the shores of Ventura county.  Wing tip right over the surf, passing people on the beaches and surfers struggling in the surf... There is no other flight that will ever come close.

Fly your Ultra Light aircraft over the hills of Los Angeles
Cruise at 400 feet over the hills and mountains of Ventura County, California and approach the nesting grounds of hawks, falcons, and other winged predators. Get over the hill, "40 years old and 400 feet over the hill," that is.  Approach and pass right over any obstacle in life, while surviving in an ultralight.

Ride Ventura County Thermals with the wind under you
Feel the rush of warm gusts coming from right under your seat.  Your ultralight is buffetted, not only by lift, but by the rushing lift of warm air reflected by the fields below.  The feeling and sights of being lifted can make you feel like a flying albatross, gliding, floating and unstoppable.

SkyRider Aviation - Ventura,
Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, Riverside, San Bernardino, and Inland Empire: California Premier Ultralight and Light Sport Airfield Flight Training Center.
Ultralight Trike Quiksilver Flying and Lessons : Learn To Fly With Lessons
Ultralight Flying Lessons / Videos

Lesson 1 : Preflight Inspection of Your Ultralight Aircraft
Lesson 2 : Take Off
Lesson 3 : Just Flying
Lesson 4 : Landing Your Ultra Light in Ventura County
Flying Lessons Along The California Shore and Beach, Ventura County
Flying Over The Hills of Ventura County Near Camarillo Airport
What Does It Feel Like To Fly An Ultralight ?

It all started for me when I was a little boy who imagined what it would be like to jump off a roof or count to three while running into the air, flying magically...It also helped that I grew up next to a small rural airport in Spanaway Washington.  

To understand the feeling of flying, first look as an observer into the air and see a bird, circling high above.  So high above that you can only see a dark smudge and outline against a dull, orange sun.  So high, that you can not hear this bird, who may be laughing at your limitations down below.  A creature of god, that moves without the effort of moving, majestically soaring with the clouds, sun, and daylight moon.

Basic Control
The feeling of flight in an Ultralight is much like the bird high above, with the noise of a motorcycle right on top of you.  Your feet control the turning of the aircraft.  Your hands control your "stick" which changes the up and down pointing of the ultralight.  The hands also control the speed, as your speed increases if you point down and your speed decreases if it points up.  Besides the basic controls, theres the ACTUAL FEELING.

Taking off, you feel lift and feel the leaving of all that you ever grew up with.  You leave the Earth. 

Ultralight Takeoff and the JUMP
The takeoff is quick, mostly within 50-100 feet.  As you leave the grasp of the earth at a few feet off the ground, you can quickly jump to 200 feet, with the intense feeling of rising to the sky.  Just pull back on the stick and ease into the air.  The effect of ultralight flying and leaving the ground is a sensation of freedom.

Ultralight Ascencion
As you ascend to about cruising altitude, around 400-500 feet for the CMA Air Traffic, you begin to make adjustments for your flight pattern through the use of your foot controls.  To turn left, press on the left pedal.  To turn right, press on the right pedal.  Each movement results in a turn, which you must counter with a return on the foot pedals.

Ultralight Sensations:
Upon leaving the flight path, you can ascend, turn, bank, or head out to your destination or flying grounds.  There is no feeling of falling, but you feel this:

-Wind in your face

-Flying like Superman

-Feeling like you are the craft, you are one.

-Soaring and Freedom

-Your fears, worries, and day to day life are left far below

-Your a different kind of flying animal, not a bird, but the ultralight.

-Emotional well being and happiness

"Happiness & Bliss
- A Feeling of Self Discovery."
Ultralight Student
Bill Gray
Ultralight Lessons -  Easy To Fly - Cheap - Fast

Skyrider Ultralights is Expanding, and is seeking an additional
10+ acres of unusable land in the Ventura County Area;
preferably with road access.

Skyrider Ultralights will make considerable improvements
to this land in exchange for this access. 

Skyrider Ultralights is located at the Camarillo Airport Ultralight
Field and has been in business since 1982.

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Mike Chicco/FAACI

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79 Daily Dr. Suite #281
Camarillo, CA 93010