Private Ultralight Flight Instruction Including Two Seat Ultra Light Use

$140.00 A Flight Lesson
Learn to fly Ultralights for only $140 per hour, which includes both the plane and instructor. While most students take 15-20 hours of instruction to safely be released into the sky, it can be done in as little as 10 hours. Just think, obtaining ultralight certification or just the ability to solo for $1500 - $2000.

   * 10 Hours of dual instruction in our 2 place Quicksilver Sport MXL-II
   * 3 Hours of closely supervised solo flight in the same plane you trained in
   * 1 Hour final check ride
   * 8 Hours ultralight pilot ground school
   * Written Test Oral Test
   * Pilot Registration
   * USUA or ASC Pilot membership
   * VCUAS club membership
   * Pilot Logbook
   * Instruction Manual
   * Los Angeles Sectional Chart
   * Preflight Checklist

Flight Instruction Hourly Rates
Ground school and instruction (individual) $40.00 per hour
Ground school and instruction (group)      $20.00 per hour
Dual flight instruction (your plane)                  $95.00 per hour
Supervised solo instruction                      $150.00 per session

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